Irsai Olivér based youthful, crisp, vibrant white wine with lively acidity, bursting the “new wine” of the estate.



The Blanc, as long as we are concerned this is the most important wine of our winery. A winery is positioned on the market based on its entry level.

We made the biggest amounts of this in our winery (50-60.000 bottles / year). It does not have a constant composition, it changes year by year. The base is Italian Riesling and Rhine Riesling, It also contains Savignon Blanc and Chardonnay in a lover ratio.

The aim is an easy and pleasant wine for the everyday also bearing exciting and unique characteristics which are easy to be remembered. Like my mother says: “…here we give more than we ask in return…”



The “partner” of a Blanc, the Pinot Noir is a marriage of a Kékfrankos and Merlot. Our aim is a rich and smooth Rosé, where a 12.5% and 13% of alcohol is not uncommon. This wine excellently accompanies the culinary masterpieces of the Hungarian and the much preferred Italian cuisine. 



 I reckon that it cannot be missed in the Carpathian Basin. It is a tasty and pure fruit with very-very good acids – the scented type that is about the flavours for me.



Landlord is an essential base wine, a fresh and crisp container wine, but in a wooden barrel with its own wine-yeast it becomes the top of the tops with its complexity (no other type of ours is capable for this).



“…The queens of the cellars, the … of grapes…” Sándor Pettenkoffer 1930. As long as we are concerned, the Rhein Riesling represents the modern image of a Balaton wine not only in Balatonboglár but internationally, due to the quality that is easy to be appraised. While international, it still remains very much a Balaton wine, and a Légli wine…

The characteristics of the local wine, like the elegantly emerging and tasty fruit acids, are easy to taste. Our affection for this type becomes evident knowing we make two levels of this wine in case the actual year’s yield makes it possible. 



Fermented in barrels with its own yeast, bottled after 5 months. Unique white wine with a floral bouquet, elegant, with well integrated oak notes and almond.

LÉLI chestnut-grove Riesling


The base Riesling with its maximum of 12.5% alcohol is a crisp and thin wine making an excellent companion for Balaton fish. The “chestnut” hillside collection – only in the superior vintages – is a 13% – 13.5% alcohol wine. Full and rich and able to be experienced by its own, also ready for a 9-10 years of aging.



The Landord vineyard is harvested from 20-year-old vines, with a very modest yield and load (4-5 t/ha). There was a change in training, no wooden barrels were used, so the richer fruitiness and subtle minerality give harmony to the wine. There was no malolactic fermentation, the fine acidity of the old vines gives the wine a lively vibrancy. Available only on the estate.

LÉGLI Champagne / LÉGLI BRUT 2019

2015 - (continuously degorged)

My family back in Kislak started with champagne… we would like Balaton champagne based on the most beautiful Hungarian / Pannon (Littke) traditions. We are still in the beginning (10 years of experience). We are happy for the feedback of the consumers and “champagne fans”. We are determined for only the best quality! 

Brut 2019: It was made with the Burgundy types in mind. It was a result of a conscious experiment after the Riesling / Furmint years. I don’t know yet which will be the winner, a third one maybe?